Hi, I’m Carrie! Welcome to my Muvyu page

My journey in into Yoga & Art when I began taking classes at a community college in my 20s. After I finished my BA in Liberal Arts studying Art & Body-Centered Therapies, I went on to get my M.Ed. in Fine Art Classroom Teaching & became an Art Teacher in 2008.

I continues to teach children & adults in individual workshops combining meditation with therapeutic art approaches. Love to engage my students with fun & mindfulness, exploration & creativity. Mantra: “Inspired by Pure Desire.” Know that your journey with me, CarrieB, will always be adventurous with a “no boundary” appeal.

30+ year Yoga Veteran, Meditation, Breath & Therapeutic Art Facilitator. The MEDITATE to CREATE: the Program is an all-time favorite!

Carrie’s Schedule