Hi, I’m Jane! Welcome to my Muvyu page

As a young girl from the age of 5, all I wanted to was to be a ballerina and dance! I finally realised my dream when, at 17 years old, I was offered a place with the English National Ballet Company. I was lucky enough to dance my very first role with the iconic male dancer of his time, Rudolf Nureyev.

As a ballet dancer, Pilates was part of my everyday life. I practiced it throughout my entire professional career - and have done ever since I hung up my pointe shoes. My whole inspiration to teach Pilates came from the huge benefits that it brought to me as a dancer, regaining fitness very quickly after pregnancy and how it helps with those niggling aches and pains that seem to go hand in hand with more birthdays!

I have extensive practical knowledge of different Pilates teaching methods ranging from classical Pilates, right through to today’s more modern and contemporary approaches, upholding the tradition of Joseph Pilates's work as well as including more variety and creativity.

Jane’s Schedule