Hi, I’m Charly! Welcome to my Muvyu page

I've been living yoga over 20 years. I belive in the tradition AND I'm a huge fan of the hybrids. It's all love. I have extensive training and many certifications. I am always a student, ever learning and always sharing my knowledge to help others educate themselves on healing from the inside out.

I adopted the term savage in 2000. It represents roots. The raw untouched, untamed, unapologetic, path to your own personal truth. It's already etched in your DNA, you just have to bring awareness to it and follow it faithfully. Devotion is not one size fits all.

Yoga is more than just movement for me it is a sacred lifestyle that embodies rituals and devotion to self and Divine.

My offerings are versatile, from Sacred Mindfulness to Savage HIIT Yoga and everything in between. My intention is that my classes inspire, empower, balance, and create a space for you to create your best life. I have written many programs and courses that have helped many find their bliss.

In all my love and light I do not come to bow, I come to conquer with grace and Divine Love. I want you to live a sacred savage life blissfully on your terms.

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