What is Muvyu

Muvyu is a platform for fitness, wellness, and dance which enables you to do live, interactive classes with teachers and students from all over the world, at any time, and in any space, whether that’s at home, in the work place or on the road.

We believe in connecting people and having an open platform approach where teachers around the world enjoying an independent life style, and students having classes with great teachers without being geographically bound.

Muvyu provides all the technical systems needed for scheduling & booking, payment, video conferencing, and the social elements for the interaction between teachers and students outside the class, all in one beautifully designed website.

Our Team


CEO & Business Development

Matt has been involved in a whole range of startups for the past 20 years, gratefully discovering yoga at about the same time, which has kept him sane (mostly).

Matt likes eating squirrels and can be found at Michele’s farm hunting them, as there is an extraordinary abundance of them there for some reason?


Product & Engineering

Hussam is a Software Engineer majored in AI who thinks beyond just coding with an obsession on what to invent next. He reads books, loves solving big problems, and is very interested in the topic of Time. He's the creator of hTime, a global clock to eliminate time zone caluculations.

Hussam will soon do a bungee jump and since he nearly reached a black belt standard in Tae Kwon Do, he can scare the fear away!


Product & Engineering

Noor is an engineering genius and keen perfectionist. A Computer Systems Architect, obsessed with technology and will know the answer to just about any query we have for him.

His talents don’t just remain in the realms of the web either because he can also take charge of the kitchen domain! Italian Ravioli is just as easy to rustle up as his favorite dish from Aleppo, but someone else has to do the washing up.


Business Development

Michele, a chameleon at heart, has worked in a wide-ranging array of positions which have included a career in software, television, police work and being a roadie in a rock band. However her true path and that with the most longevity has been her work in the Health and Wellness industry.

When not on a Yoga mat, Michele could be playing the role of plant-based chef, caring for her brood of animals, or most probably out enjoying nature.