Become a Teacher on Muvyu

What is Muvyu?

Muvyu is a platform for wellness, dance, and fitness teachers and for teachers and students to meet and do live classes online. Teachers and students can see and talk to each other in real-time, it's not a pre-recorded video platform. Muvyu provides all the technical systems needed for scheduling & booking, payment, video conferencing, and the basic social elements for the interaction between teachers and students outside the class, all in one beautifully designed website.

Why Muvyu?

1 Muvyu helps to make you more independent

  • You are the owner. Build your online teaching business how and as you like it.
  • Teach your classes at the times and prices that suit you.
  • No matter where you are, you can run your classes even if you’re out-of-town or travelling.
  • An incredible opportunity to develop your profile as an expert on an international platform.

2 Muvyu helps to make your business more profitable

  • Kickstart a regular-paying teaching practice if you don’t already have one.
  • Bring in additional income outside of existing private or studio teaching schedules.
  • Save yourself the administrative and financial headaches of organizing, setting up and marketing your own classes, and receiving the money from your students.
  • Use the platform to reach out to more students and offer your niche or signature classes (i.e. for yoga, for dancers, or any workout) to a larger, and so more likely, clientele.

3 Muvyu has it all in one place

  • Scheduling & booking: Schedule and organize your classes, students book them directly on Muvyu, everybody gets automatically notified.
  • Discoverability: Build your public teaching profile along with your live class schedule to share on social media and with your students.
  • Payments: Set your own class prices and packages and track your earnings in one simple-to-use place.
  • Live video: Launch and do your live classes directly on Muvyu with great audio and video quality.
  • Ratings & reviews: Earn great ratings and reviews on your classes, and share them with your public profile.

Muvyu is the most cost-efficient platfrom for you

Muvyu takes 7% comission to cover all the technical and operational costs. You get the best value of all the features we have at the best price.