By Charly Bliss

Mantra Yoga

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Combine the power of Sanskrit mantra with Vinyasa and you create a high vibe.

Class starts with a mantra talk to provide you with a clear understanding.

We have a short meditation and breathe work so you can feel the vibration of the mantra. Then we warm up with 9 Surya Namaskar A repeating the mantra with each exhale to enhance the energy.

Vinyasa carries the practice with a focused theme and peak pose. We end with a seated mantra meditation. Weaving each part of the practice and the mantra together crrating the space to take the practice off the mat into our day to day lives.

A 7 - 10 min savasana seals the deal and is a mandatory part of the sequence. In order to reap the rewards you must endure the entire sequence.

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