Class Setup for Students

Muvyu is your tool for doing live, online classes in your own space. Here are the simple steps to follow for preparing that space and the device you are using. Take a look before each class as a little reminder. It doesn’t take long, we promise :)

1. Set Up Your Area

Choose an area where there is about 8ft (3m) between you and your device (laptop, desktop computer, or TV) and give yourself enough space to spread out your arms freely. Your device works best at a height that’s around chest level. Using a TV screen is a great way to optimise your view of the teacher.

If you have a lot of windows in your space, be sure to turn your device away from them to prevent a glare on screen and if street noise could interrupt your practice, keep windows closed.

2. Test Your Internet & Equipment

Make sure your internet connection is stable. We recommend using Google Chrome or Safari internet browsers when using Muvyu, but others work fine too. Test that your device and internet speed is operating well.

3. Arrive to Class 15 Minutes Early

Every class on Muvyu lets you join 15 minutes before it is due to start. Double-check your space by viewing it on screen as the teacher will see you. You might like to make adjustments to your camera angle or where you have placed your mat.

Remember to modify your device settings to prevent your screen from dimming during class.

It is very important to use this time to tell your teacher about any past or current injuries. We want you to have a safe and enjoyable practice!

4. Understand the On-Screen Features

When you join a Muvyu class, there are features on the bottom of the screen whose functions are useful to know.

- Settings button: switch between cameras or microphones during class.

- Microphone button: lets you mute your device.

- Camera button: allows you to turn off the display of yourself.

- Exit button: click here to leave the class when it finishes.

- Full screen button: make your picture the full size of the screen.

5. Know How to Get Help

Simply contact us. We will be on hand to help you with any technical difficulties.