Why teach on Muvyu?

Muvyu helps to make your business more ... SUSTAINABLE ...

  • By helping you create your own ‘virtual’ studio;
  • By giving you a way to connect with students and build a global clientele;
  • By supporting you if you are a studio owner by adding countless new students to your roster - even if they live halfway across the country!
  • By being a convenient way for you to reach students who regularly take your class but sometimes can’t make it to your ‘real world’ studio sessions.

Muvyu helps to make your business more ... PROFITABLE ...

  • By bringing you additional income outside of existing private or studio teaching schedules;
  • By taking the financial headaches out of organising, setting up and marketing your own classes;
  • By helping you to kickstart a regular-paying teaching practice if you don’t already have one;
  • By providing you with a platform to offer your niche or signature classes (i.e. for yoga for dancers or any workout) to a larger, and so more likely, clientele.

Muvyu helps to make you more ... INDEPENDENT ...

  • By helping you to teach classes at the times that suit you;
  • By making it easy for you to still run classes even if you’re out-of-town or travelling;
  • By giving you the freedom to be your own boss and build your business how and as you like it;
  • By allowing you an incredible opportunity to develop your profile as an expert on an international platform.